We specialize in Official Development Assistance (ODA) programs and projects funded  by bilateral and multilateral institutions. Emphasizing integration and coherence, we help solve fragmentation and complexity in any social initiative. From policy research and design support, to specialized component implementation, we zero in by fully appreciating the stakeholder network and the dynamics in local contexts to bring about reforms and institutional transformation.   Intem has implemented over a hundred development projects ranging from master development planning (country, sector, detailed designs in equipment provision including construction works, community based basic services delivery in health, education, environment, climate change, governance,  social welfare and disaster risk reduction, management and mitigation.  

Project Management

Our collective project management experience includes large projects across multiple social sectors with both public and private enterprises from Concept/Design, Implementation/Execution, to Evaluation (baseline, midterm, terminal, impact, ex-post studies).

Stakeholder Engagements

Based on careful stakeholder analysis and theories of change, we develop and execute authentic engagement mechanisms for optimum program/project relevance and ownership thus building coherence into typical wicked problems.

Strategic Communications

We clarify messaging based on evidence-research, execute packaging, develop and manage channels and research impacts on various stakeholders with emphasis on behavioral change campaigns in various social sectors for public and private enterprises.

Teacher Training/Curriculum Reforms

We provide teacher training policies, procedures, and provision designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school, and wider community. (Pre-Service, In-Service, Continuous Professional Development, Upgrade/Upskill)


First we help determine institutional strategy and assess the technologies needed for the core functions, then we over see the acquisition and the training of these technologies for the organization's duty and task holders to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Instructional Materials Development

Based on curriculum reforms and alignment to International Standards and the national qualifications frameworks, we build capacities for instructional materials design for both synchronous and asynchronous learning contexts.

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Ministry of Education, Lao PDR Asian Development Bank


Ministry of Education, Lao PDR Asian Development Bank

The Outstanding Project Awards

2014 Good Practice for Project Implementation for the Secondary Education Sector Development Project (SESDP)

Good Practice for Preparing a High Quality Government Project Completion Report for Basic Education Sector Development Project (BESDP)

Country specific local context-sensitive Solutions through authentic stakeholder partnerships/collaborations in a post pandemic and industry 4.0 era



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